Gator ITE

About Us


The newly formed IEEE – ITSS student organization at UF now work closely with the local GatorITE student organization! Our joint focus lies in pioneering technologies in Intelligent Transportation. Here, you’ll meet the board members from both organizations, working closely to drive innovation. The IEEE Student Branch, similar to ITE, provides students with a dynamic network of peers, and connects them with knowledgeable faculty and industry leaders. We invite students to engage in diverse activities ranging from special projects and meetings to outreach programs and conferences, available at both local and regional levels.

Gator ITE

GatorITE is a student chapter of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) representing the community of students and professionals dedicated to advancing transportation the University of Florida.

We are a student organization comprised of aspiring traffic engineers, transportation planners, and enthusiasts committed to improving the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of surface transportation.

ITE students members are at the forefront of designing, implementing, and maintaining transportation systems worldwide. Our mission also is to address society’s evolving mobility needs while preserving the environment.

GatorITE works directly with the First Coast ITE Chapter and the Central Northeast Florida Section


Join ITE to connect with leading professionals, shape the future of transportation, and contribute to safer, smarter, and more sustainable transportation solutions. Your journey toward a brighter future in transportation begins here.

Vision Statement

To be the transportation organization of choice.

Mission Statement

To provide the global community of transportation professionals with the knowledge, practices, skills, and connections to serve the needs of their communities and help shape the future of the profession and transportation in the societal context.

Board Members 2023-2024

Renan Favero

GatorITE President
Ph.D. Student in Transport Eng.

Garrett Walker

GatorITE Vice President
Undergrad Student in Civil Eng.

Victoria Zorbas

GatorITE Treasurer
Ph.D. Student in Transport Eng.

Gustavo Zacshber

Gator ITE Event Coordinator
Ph.D. Student in Transport Eng.

Bryce Grame

Traffic Bowl Coach
Ph.D. Student in Transport Eng.

Fabio Sasahara

GatorITE Academic Advisor
Associate Director at McTrans Center

Kim Chadalawada

IEEE-ITSS President
Master's Student in Transport Eng.

Orestis Karamouzis

IEEE-ITSS Vice President
Ph.D. Student in Transport Eng.

Mukundhan Narasimhan

IEEE-ITSS Treasurer
Ph.D. Student in Transport Eng.


Pruthvi Manjunatha

Assistant Professor in Transport Eng.


Tyler Blair

GatorITE Professional Advisor
Multimodal Transportation Manager at EXP