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Our Mission

To provide the global community of transportation professionals with the knowledge, practices, skills and connections to serve the needs of their communities and help shape the future of the profession and transportation in the societal context.



  1. Coordinate with all the officers.
  2. Keep track of mandatory trainings for officers.
  3. Budget supervision and applications.
  4. Necessary paperwork.
  5. Travel coordination.
  6. Keeping in touch with Chapter advisor, UFTI (Dr Lily/ Jennifer), Internal Steering committee, FLPRITE and other student chapters.
  7. Organize elections.


  1. Take over president's task during their absence.
  2. Chapter's annual report.


  1. Transactions with ITE's account.
  2. Funding applications with SG.
  3. Fund raising.
  4. Coordinating fund allocation for chapter events and activites.


  1. Circulation of emails (events, job positions, etc.)
  2. Updating student mailing list
  3. Maintain database for officer's information (T-shirt sizes etc.)

Event coordinator

  1. Maintain attendance during the events.
  2. Take pictures and maintain database regarding coming events date, time etc.
  3. Book room or generate zoom link if events is virtual

Outreach coordinator

  1. Reach out to experts/researchers/consultants for seminars and webinars.

Social-Media coordinator

  1. Maintain all the accounts like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn.
  2. Post pictures and information regarding upcoming events for better outreach.

Traffic Bowl coordinator

  1. Recruitment and training of traffic bowl team.
  2. Schedule training days.

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Institute Initiatives

Connected and Automated Vehicles

ITE students participate in research with AVs and CAVs.

Smart Communities

ITE students aim to construct smart cities. Check back soon for an exciting project!

GatorITE in the Traffic Bowl Competition

Each year, since 2010, ITE student chapters from Canada and the United States participate in a competition known as the ITE Collegiate Traffic Bowl. This competition features teams comprised of up to 3 students testing their knowledge of ITE, transportation planning and engineering topics as well as some fun categories. The teams winning an ITE district competition advance to compete in the Collegiate Traffic Bowl Grand Championship, conducted annually at ITE’s International Annual Meeting and Exhibit.

  In 2023, the Traffic Bowl Grand Championship tournament was held in person during the Joint ITE International and Western District Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon. The New York University's ITE student chapter team won the 2023 tournament, and their name has been added to the Voigt/Davis Cup, the trophy for Traffic Bowl Grand Championship.

  The University of Florida has a very successful history in Traffic Bowl, winning the FLPR District competition in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023, and winning the International Grand Championship in 2013.

ITE 2022-2023 Report

Access the 2022-23 Annual Report here:

ITE 2021-2022 Report

Access the 2021-22 Annual Report here:

ITE 2020-2021 Report

Access the 2020-21 Annual Report here:

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